Curbar Edge, TrackCurbar Edge, Fallen Tree

Curbar Edge, Wall and GrassCurbar Edge, Gateway

The fish eye seems to be a much maligned lens, perhaps because its over use can become *very* unwelcome, and I often see more seasoned photographers (perhaps correctly) telling excitable newbies that it’s a lens they will tire of quickly. It’s a purchase that I spent ages mulling over, and if I’m honest I only really bought it for a certain type of shot, but seeing as I had it I thought it would be interesting (or at least, a challenge) to attempt to use it for something a little less typically fish eye – to attempt to both subtlety use and hide the distortion in landscape images.

I’d not always possible to hide the effect entirely. Straight lines become increasingly distorted as you move away from the centre of the image so standard “rule of thirds” type compositions are out – however this only adds to my joy and sense of reward.

The above images were taken on ISO200 Lomography Slide Film (and were cross processed) using a Canon EOS 5 that I picked up for next to nothing.