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Curve Theatre, Leicester

Curve Theatre and Athena, Leicester

I’d always wanted a fish eye lens but somehow always talked myself out of what seemed an extravagantly non-essential purchase, even by photography standards. However after reading Keith Cooper’s review of the new 8-15L and his comments about the quality of the old 15mm fish eye I decided to pick one up. Unfortunately for me, by the time I’d convinced myself to part with the cash Canon had discontinued the 15mm – this turned out to be a good thing though as I picked one up (relatively) cheap on ebay.

I think I’m going to enjoy using this lens but I expect it’s going to take me some time to get used to it – you really have to work to make the most of the distortions, to make them a “feature” rather than shocking (or fix them using software).

As for quality – it’s not at all bad – sharp across the entire frame by f/8.0 with an acceptable (and easily fixable) amount of chromatic aberration.

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