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Daybreak in Bradgate Park

Daybreak in Bradgate Park

Recently I decided I was going to make the effort to get up early a bit more often. I like going out in the evening, but timing my trips out to make the most of the best light was getting increasingly difficult with the needs of the rest of the family to consider.

I had no real idea about where I was going to go, but after looking at Google Maps and checking to see where and when the sun was going to rise I decided on Bradgate Park. I have a few shots that I like from here, but I never really felt like I’d seen it in the best light.

I made three trips there in the end, and the conditions were different each time – one morning of low lying mist, one morning clear and one foggy. This was taken on the second morning, which was mostly bright and clear, but for a small amount of mist.

I have taken pictures of this stream (the River Lin) in the past but they were all taken before I really started to learn what I was doing and were dreadful. For that reason I’ve always avoided this part of the park. The day before this was taken though I’d seen mist rising from here as the sun hit the cold water so had made a note to wait for the sunrise here. Conditions were different though and I didn’t get the misty stream, but the light on the water caught my eye so I set up here and waited for a gap in the passing cyclists and early morning dog walkers :)

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