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Eyam Moor, Derbyshire

Eyam Moor, Derbyshire

At the time of writing this photo was getting on for two years old. I wasn’t that excited by it at the time – I was going through a phase of only really being interested in the time around sunset so, much as it was great to have some free time wandering around Eyam Moor without the kids either demanding our attention or getting bored, I just consigned this image to the mental bin marked “Not taken at the best time of day”.

However I’ve had a small version of it on the wall for a while now with some other prints, for no other reason than it having similar colours to the other images (which I liked more at the time) and because I had a print of it lying around. I’ve grown more fond of it in that time so I thought I’d stick up here to give it an airing.

Boring Stuff : Canon 450D, Sigma 10-20mm, Cokin P121M (GND4)

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