Higher Shelf Stones, Bleaklow

I was lucky enough to get out for another walk guided by Dave Ascough again recently, along with Al Brydon who was working on a night photography project. The plan was to start mid-afternoon and to make our way up Doctor’s Gate, across to Higher Shelf Stones and the B29 Superfortress wreckage in time for nightfall.

It was a gloriously warm afternoon – almost t-shirt weather – but by the time this image was made, after a sandwich stop at Higher Shelf Stones, it was starting to get decidedly chilly. As the last of the daylight disappeared and the temperature continued to fall, Al got his shots and we headed back, taking the more direct Pennine Way route south towards Snake Pass.

The journey back was an experience, just using the ample moonlight to light our way (despite having torches) and watching banks of light mist move across the moor. It might have been nice to stop and grab a shot or two but by this time I think we were all happy just to head back, mission accomplished.

Dave offers walks specifically tailored for photographers (as well as Hills Skills courses and Guided Walks) – more information can be found here – Dave Ascough – Mountain Leading – Outdoor Photography

Available to licence on Getty Images