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King Lear’s Lake, Watermead Park

King Lear's Lake, Watermead Park

I’ve must admit I’ve been neglecting this blog a little lately – mainly because I’ve been too busy just enjoying taking photographs. On the plus side though, I’ve built up a nice backlog of photos to work through :)

It’s been reasonably snowy here for the past week or so, and having just picked up a second-hand Canon 5D Mk 1 I’ve been making the most of this by getting up early and going to our local park. The image above is of a well photographed landmark in the park showing the final scene from Shakespeare’s play of King Lear. I’ve always put off taking any photos of this, and indeed this is hardly the most adventurous composition but there was something about the light and colour that made me stop here this morning.

The snow lying on the figures had also added extra depth to them, which seems more emphasised by the narrow depth of field.

The vignetting in this shot is caused by using the Canon 50mm 1.8 lens on the full frame 5D camera at a wide aperture setting – it goes away after about f/4. I could have corrected it but I think it adds something to shot.

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