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Mist on the way up to Derwent Edge

Mist on the walk up to Derwent Edge

The usual Derwent Edge walk, starting from Fairholmes, involves heading north on the east shore of Derwent Reservoir and then east across Little Howden Moor to Lost Lad but I really like taking the more direct route – east on the small footpath just before the dam and then picking up the track that leads past the Grouse Butts and on to Green Sitches. It’s a bit of a climb but I quite like getting the hard work out of the way early, and on a cold day it warms you up pretty quickly.

Personally I also find the landscape a bit more interesting this way :)

The popular Derwent/Fairholmes walk can be found on Trekking Britain – – it’s well worth a day of your time.

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