Ratcliffe-on-Soar Power Station

This hadn’t been intended my location for the evening – I’d been going through some earlier shots and wanted to carry out some further experiments with the green filter and reflections in water, so I chose somewhere at random from the OS map. Once I’d been for a walk through some fields and found that the water was on private land and not that great anyway I set off to find something else to do – then I noticed the Ratcliffe On Soar power station :)

I watched the sun go down from another location, waiting for the light to improve to give me a good balance between the sky and the ground but it was cloudy and slightly windy. In the end I decided to head home without any particularly decent shots but, when I drove past this field with easy access and a good view of the power station I knew there was going to be the chance of a nice image. Fortunately the breeze was intermittent so after a few attempts it was still enough to get this 1 second exposure without any noticeable movement in the crops.

I used a Cokin P121 ND grad filter to reduce the brightness of the sky by 3 stops – it would perhaps have been better if I’d stacked another grad on top too, but the wide angle filter holder only has room for a single filter (and even then there are still vignetting issues between 10 and 12mm)

Technical details : P121 ND grad, 1 second exposure, f/22, 10mm, ISO100

Available for licence at Getty Images