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Railway Bridge

Railway Bridge

This was taken earlier in the year, when the school was closed for a few days due to snow. We all went out to build a snowman and found a small disused bridge over the Great Central Railway that we’d not noticed before. It was covered in graffiti and the colours looked quite striking against the snow, but it wasn’t that interesting on its own so became the backdrop for a rare family photo.

I overexposed this shot for two reasons:-

  • Shots that feature snow generally need to be overexposed anyway, otherwise the snow comes out looking grey rather than white
  • I wanted to lose the snow-laden grey sky which would have made the top half of the shot look muddy

This didn’t work entirely as planned because I did get a small amount of vignetting in the top corners of the shot, but I corrected this by placing the photo on top of a white background layer in GIMP and then erasing the offending bits from the photo to reveal the white background beneath.

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