Spring Afternoon

Earlier in the year I set myself a challenge in order to improve my photography and broaden my horizons a bit – I’d seen this concept mentioned in some old magazines that were passed on to me. I find it can get terribly difficult to think of things to photograph so I decided to combine two of my favourite past times, cycling and photography.

The idea was that I would attempt to find something to take pictures of each time I went out – it didn’t matter what – just anything that took my fancy.

On this occasion I was taking a short cut across some fields. It was early spring and despite the sunshine the ground was a little too wet for cycling, let alone lying on, so I got pretty soaked getting this shot.

Spring Afternoon

Despite having the features I wanted, the shot didn’t capture my feelings at the time – the warmth of the first sunny day of the year, the freedom of being out doing what I wanted to do. It needed to be more fluffy and dreamlike and fortunately I knew exactly what I was going to do.

A friend on Flickr produces some fine textures for layering and I already had one in mind that would add the tone I was looking for to the picture.