Another evening by the water in Cossington

The morning I took this photograph was the first time I’d managed to get over the stumbling block of getting up really early to take photographs. Winter isn’t so bad – getting up at 6:30am in order to be ready for 7:30 sunrise seemed hard at the time, but when your alarm goes off at 3:30 it’s a bit of a shock. This morning though I had a reason to get up – I’d had some Lee Filters on order for nearly 3 months and they had finally arrived so I was keen to try them out.

The old Cokin set I’d used previously weren’t a great deal of use on my new lens – the filter holder was visible right up to 24mm and I’d become too aware of (and fed up of working around) the purple colour cast they produced.

Anyway, luckily for me I was treated to a pretty sunrise that day – if it had been overcast I might never have bothered again, and I would have missed so many relaxing mornings wandering about in the countryside. Now it seems to be an addiction.

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