Swan On Swithland Reservoir

The light just after the sun has gone down can make for some really remarkable shots – Ok, sunset shots can be a bit cliched, but searching around (or waiting) for a bit of foreground interest can make all the difference.

If you are lucky and have a steady hand (or a lens with optical stabilising) you can get good shots at a low ISO without having to bother with a tripod (although using a tripod is recommended for sharper images). This shot was hand held as that is just how I prefer to take photos – I like to feel like I’m involved, rather than controlling a piece of machinery :)

I like this location as the expanse of water makes for a great reflection on a still day but despite the colours being pretty it really needed something extra. Fortunately after about 5 minutes a swan started to come towards the shore.

Technical details:- Cokin P121 ND4 Grad, ISO200, 1/15s, f/16.0, 20 mm