The Iron Giant

Ok, so it’s not really THE Iron Giant, but it will always be that to me.

This is one of my first infrared images, taken on my second trip out with the IR converted Canon 350D, but it’s still one of my favourites.

Normally with images taken with this frequency of IR filter (650nm) there are two conversion options:- black & white or false colour (which is done by flipping the red and blue channels in Photoshop). This image however really grabbed me in its raw state, with the off-world colours matching the science fiction look of the structure, which is in fact part of an abandoned bridge.

Another reason for my liking of this is that, more than any of my other images, it reminds me of the importance of continuing to look for new images in familiar places. I must have seen this dozens of times, both as a child and on my numerous photo trips to this location but I only ever saw it as an old bit of bridge, now I find it impossible not to see its robotic features.

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