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Two views of Old John, Bradgate Park

Two views of Old John, in Bradgate Park, taken less than a month apart in December 2009.

There are so many dreadful images of this building, and it is such an uninspired choice of location perhaps because it is so often photographed, but I still see it as a bit of a challenge.

Old John with rocks in the foreground, Bradgate Park

This is my favourite of my shots that feature Old John – I prefer the building to be in the distance, that way its slightly easier to hide how uneven the structure is – even then I have to spend a long time trying to work out if my shot is level.

The heavy cloud cover here (and use of the Cokin ND4 soft grad) allowed me to get a nicely balanced exposure, retaining a lot of the rich late autumn colour.

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Old John in Winter, Bradgate Park

No photographers collection should be without at least one picture of Old John in the snow :)

This was snapped on the way back to the car after an early morning start. I’d never really noticed this path before, but the light sprinkling of snow picked it out perfectly.

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